JMT is a brand that brings businesses to its distinctive prospects with the use of a tested and working tool that resonates with businesses. At JMT we work with the best set of hands in utilizing and accomplishing brand growth. We employ competence in the execution of Jobs to ensure your business receives the required recognition for growth.

We have in the past years’ amassed great confidence from our clients as a result of our continuous value addition and insistence on customer satisfaction. Working with us gives the guarantee of quality job execution and outstanding after-campaign results.

At JMT we utilize available resources to give your brand a boost at the lowest possible cost. It is our belief that there are innovative ways to do marketing. A more peculiar, valuable, efficient way where customers are well deserved and not bought.  JMT will continue to add value to its clients through continuous growth and development in its approaches to brand development.

Leave the marketing to us, relax while we boost your customer strength.


To add values to brands in areas that continues to resonate brand’s objectives through effective skill implementation.


To be recognized as the best management company across Africa

 This involves discovering and developing of raw skill set known as potentials. It entails the process of empowering skills with the right tool to fill important roles in organizations.

Developing strategies by our experts to create compelling marketing campaigns for brands using tested marketing tools that yield outstanding results. Marketing campaigns are tailored to meet customers at the highest point of the brand’s need

We utilize effective tools to send long-lasting impressions to customers while relating the organization’s values to customers. Here we focus available resources on studying the market for suitable engagement plan between Brand to Customers and Brand to Brands

“A successful business is a pronounced function of a good marketing campaign”

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