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Grow your business by utilizing some of our branding and advertising campaign strategy. With our different advertising package plans, we strategically select and execute a campaign that grows your business

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How JMT Helps Your Business Succeed

UNDERSTANDING THE JMT PROCESS A GLIMPSE AT JMT LOGO The process of our service is initiated from our LOGO. As the logo implies, JMT is an expert when it comes to listening to its clients’ needs and also having the superior ability of utilizing all available tools when deliberating and amplifying the voice of its …

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Implementing The Best Flyers/Leaflets Distribution Technique

As earlier stated, Flyers distribution is a Below the Line (BTL) form of marketing. The benefits of marketing through flyer distribution are overlooked by several people in today’s time. Both for start-ups as well as for established businesses, flyer distribution is an effective marketing tool that should come in the recognition of people. For organizations, …