As earlier stated, Flyers distribution is a Below the Line (BTL) form of marketing. The benefits of marketing through flyer distribution are overlooked by several people in today’s time. Both for start-ups as well as for established businesses, flyer distribution is an effective marketing tool that should come in the recognition of people. For organizations that deal directly with customers, flyer marketing is extremely useful. With such direct methods of marketing, it becomes much easy for any type of business to promote themselves directly to the specific set of customers they believe to be as the target audience and can take the advantage of all the benefits that it has to offer.

Flyers and Leaflet Production

Flyers are inexpensive to produce and they required only a basic printing press from the 18th century to the 20th century. Their widespread use intensified in the 1990s with the spread of less expensive desktop publishing systems. In the 2010s, inexpensive black and white flyers can be produced with just a personal computer and a computer printer. In the 2010s, the ordering of flyers through traditional printing services has been supplanted by Internet services. Customers send designs, review proofs online or via e-mail, and receive the final products by mail

Flyers Distribution Strategy

No matter how well-designed and well-written your flyer is, it is ineffective if you don’t get it to the right people. While good content and design are important in flyer campaigns, you also have to think about a good distribution strategy, which will enable you to reach your target audience much more efficiently.

As you formulate your distribution strategy, keep in mind the following considerations;

Study your audience to know the best way to approach them with your flyers.

Flyers aren’t the most long-lasting marketing material. Make sure the weather is in your favors when handing them out.

 High traffic areas are great for passing out flyers. But make sure it’s a place where your target market frequents.

Think about the upcoming holidays or events and plan around them. It can either make your distribution operation more efficient or unproductive.

All marketing must have a strong message. This message must be conveyed quickly, creatively, and clearly. In terms of print marketing, a message must be visualized. Depending on the print medium chosen the message must be visualized in different ways. Brochures must be Bold, Captivating, and Convincing with strong Headings and Subheadings. Folders must be Professional, Informational and look to the Future of growth and success. Pull up Banner Stand must be Short and Snappy.

Methods of Distributing Flyers and Leaflet

Go with a person-to-person distribution method, if you want a proactive approach that produces high customer engagement. People have a hard time saying “No” to somebody handing out flyers, so this personal approach will help consumers better relate to your brand.

Foster good relationships with local businesses, especially when their industry is relevant to yours. Make a deal that will benefit both of you. A simple arrangement is to display your flyers at their checkout counter and vice versa.

For quick flyer delivery, mail your flyers to your customer’s address. Take advantage of your customer database, especially if it includes physical addresses. This strategy is great for promoting your business within and beyond your area

If you’re a local business looking to send out flyers within your community, door-to-door flyer distribution is the way to go. You can easily go around your neighbourhood and leave flyers at your target market’s doorsteps.

Though this method is very cheap, it takes a lot of time and manpower. It is also more fitting for local promotion as it would be difficult to cover a large area.

Flyers and Leaflet Distribution in Commercial Cities: A case of Lagos Nigeria

Flyer distribution just like any other marketing strategy is people-centered and hence thrives in densely populated areas. Commercial cities are well associated with commercial activities (shops, offices, theatres, restaurants, and so on) which has influenced the influx of people to these areas making these areas more populous than other areas hence making them rich for marketing activities. 

Lagos state is one of the mega and commercial cities in Nigeria with a landmass of 3,577 square kilometers. It contributes 30% of Nigeria’s GDP, with 80% of Nigeria’s industry within it, it would be the fifth-largest economy in Africa if it were a country.

Lagos state has the highest urban population in Nigeria inhabiting 24.5 million people, 86 migrants per hour, 60,000   people every month, 5 million registered drivers, and a daily record of about 227 vehicles per kilometer, surpassing the national average of 11 vehicles.

With the road networks, Lagos is not sufficient for its inhabitants, one of the few reasons behind continuous traffics. Lagosian spends about 3 out of 10 years in traffic which is no surprise that Lagos loses an estimated ₦42 billion annually due to lost productivity in traffic.

With the huge effect of traffic on business, strategies have been developed to improving businesses by taking the business to the customers in large numbers say traffic, events, clusters, occasions and many more. This development involves targeting customers using the best hands who utilize the elements of road safety signs, road traffic signs, driver’s conduct, type of cars amongst many others to focus the distribution of flyers to the targeted customers.

Distributors are branded with customized shirts of the product/service during distribution which serves as an initial advertisement of the product amidst the traffic of Lagos. Some distributors also put up roadshows like dancing, cycling, or skating to attract the attention of on-lookers and effectively distribute Flyers

Flyers Distribution Agencies

Flyer distribution services are offered by flyer distribution agencies or marketing organizations whose sole business is to grow business brands and consequently grow the customer strength and business ROIs. Some of their services might include designing, printing, and effective Flyers distribution.

Flyer distribution has become an indispensable effective marketing tool. The opportunities which flyer distribution offers can only be enjoyed by businesses that have acknowledged its worth

For an effective flyers distribution service in Lagos and other cities in Nigeria,

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